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Can u make them demo to new grounds 

No, right now I'm actively working on Cursed Overlord 2. I don't have time to do it.

ok sorry and thank you for replying back to me 

Make it playable on all devices plz


What do you mean?

Thank you for replying back I mean able to play on iPads of apple 

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Iphone and ipad cannot install apps and games from third-party stores and sites. This function is only available if you have it hacked.

ok thx for replying ok thanks for letting me know

How do you change the games language to English

When you turn on the game, on the age confirmation screen.


game s good 10/10 would play again

When attempting to download your game, the site simply tells me there are no actual files to download.  I can download files for any other game on the site...  just a heads up, and good luck sorting it.


If you check under the list, It’ a Name your own price, but you actually have to pay a dollar ( 1$ ) to get the files. So you can’t download for free.