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In this game you play as an ordinary office clerk who is accidentally killed by lightning, after that you  resurrected in another world to replace the previous dark overlord who was defeated by humans. But under uncertain circumstances during the resurrection, something went wrong, and a curse was put on you , which sometimes activates and eats you from the inside... And now you need to find out how to get rid of the curse!

Extended Version includes a cave in which you can find additional gold, as well as the girl Mayu! Increased experience and gold coefficient by 15%

Full Version includes the same as the Extended Version, but Baphomet gives you a gift to choose from, as well as an extra girl named Angelana! Increased experience and gold coefficient by 30%

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Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorKing's Turtle
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Simulation, Survival
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai
Average sessionDays or more
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Smartphone


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Cursed_Overlord-0.50-pc.zip 852 MB
Cursed_Overlord-0.50-mac.zip 817 MB
com.kingsturtle.cursedoverlord-050-release.apk 846 MB
Cursed_Overlord-0.75-pc.zip 932 MB
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Cursed_Overlord-0.75-mac.zip 897 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
com.kingsturtle.cursedoverlord-075-release.apk 927 MB
if you pay $2.99 USD or more
Cursed_Overlord-0.90-pc.zip 1,010 MB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
Cursed_Overlord-0.90-mac.zip 975 MB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
com.kingsturtle.cursedoverlord-090-release.apk 1,005 MB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
Extended Version KEY.txt 144 bytes
if you pay $14.99 USD or more
Full Version KEY.txt 144 bytes
if you pay $19.99 USD or more

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i just want to know this grandma is just for waste the time or i'm just dumb

Yes. There's an event with her in it :D

event with this grandma i hope isn't what i think is...

Play and you'll find out:D

Hello again, i have two problem that i cant solve (i am on android) , the first i think it's a bug, it's about the water mage after beating the boss of the tower i didn't have the option for raping her so i increased her favorability and i asked her to come and live at the tavern she say she was going but she just disapeared when i go to her tower it tell me "the're no one there" and she is not in the tavern but i can still summon her. The seconde problem is about the fire mage after i increased the favorability whith her by giving her life energy several time i noticed that my level in health went minus, i want to know if there a way to bring back the point in health and if we can save her without having to spend my point of health. (sorry i am not good at english so you may not fully understant about the second probleme.) 

1) Marice will appear in the tavern, but it requires Djemma

2) Hikari needs your life energy otherwise she will die, you can buy characteristics from a living tree.

3) I don't speak English very well either :D

I already have Djemma and the other this is why i think it's a bug

Interesting... How do you do that? I tested before posting, she shows up in my tavern...

Okey... I'll check what's wrong and try to fix this bug...

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I don't know if it can help you but at the start of the game,as i had already played the game before, i went directly to unlock necrona and later when the first time the curse appeared Baphomet did not appear  to tell me how to fix this problem, i think that may be what caused the bug. Do you think i should start a new game or i can continue the story.

You started the game all over again and probably skip the prologue, didn't you? Baphomet appears and tells about the curse only in the prologue. You can continue there is nothing wrong.

Good game. Please focus on the plot first before the art style

Hello i need help, i gave the money required for the full version but i don't know how to activate the full version

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Hi. To activate the code, you need to press the red circle on the floor in the throne room, press "Extra privileges!" And "Activate code!"

Thank you, i put the code and it worked.

I have another question where do you find the cave where we can go only if we have the privileges

Where the character in the screenshot stands.

Thanks again

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I'm reli into this game and I sooo dam loved it... But I can't get the full version of the game as I am broke af so if you could release a full version for Android plz, and yeah keep creating these kinds of games plzz🙏

Glad to hear you like my game. You read the difference between the "full" and "basic" version of the game? "Full" and "Extended" are just names of DLC, yes they are called a little special and can be confusing, but it doesn't mean that you can't pass the game. :)

As long as it is possible to create games, I will continue to delight you with my games! 

Is there a way to get into this cave in the current version?

This cave can only be accessed in Extended and Full versions. To get access, you need to buy a key for these versions.

im on version .35 im assuming its not possible to get necrona yet

What do you mean?

it says to find necrona but i looked everywhere and cant find them if there in the cave thats boreded up everytime i go there it just says i can get in there so im at a loss

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She is in a tower on the territory of your castle. To open the tower you need to enter the code that is scratched on the wall:

Earth(Green), Death(Purple), Rotate Death = Life(Green)

After talking to her go to the cemetery and pick mushrooms, then bring it and feed it to these mushrooms.

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awesome thanks im gonna restart at the end of the month cuz im interested in buying the full version key but how dose it work exactly?

In the throne room, click on the red circle, ask Baphomet for extra privileges, and a button will appear to activate the code

Deleted 10 days ago
Deleted 10 days ago
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bro i really feel bad for you all the game full of bugs and you try the best you can to make the game better 😢

I make games alone, yes there are bugs in games that I try to fix when I find them! The version 0.75 is fixed a lot of bugs.

How do i kill the Emperor?

No way, this is the final quest and in current versions it can't be passed completely. To advance in this quest you need to catch the emperor's daughters.

And how can I capture the daughter plzz... I reli need to know.

Depends on the version of the game you play. Daughters of the Emperor were added in 0.30-0.35 version, Katalina can be found on the global map, Naoki in the throne room.

How to meet the water mage again? After putting her in the tavern, i cant meet her anymore.

She'll be sitting in the tavern.

У меня проблема! Я нашел врача и построил больницу, но врач не появляется в больнице. Я не знаю, где ее искать. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, ПОМОГИТЕ МНЕ!!!

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Какая версия игры?

Чтоб врач пришел в больницу нужно:

1) Взять квест у Ishet на поиск врача

2) Спасти ее от волка

3) Построить больницу

4) Зайти в больницу

Well I just managed to save Sanera and I got this "Lava Sword". But the proplem is I can't equip it. Is this a bug or is there something I must do to equip it? If it helps I'm playing on v30.0.

Upgrade your strength to more than 6+ to equip a lava sword

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Ok thanks for the help

Is 0.50 the last updata

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No, I am planning to release atleast one more update to get to ver. 1.0. At first I planned a few little dlcs but It probably won't happen now. 

After the next update I'll start working on the Cursed Overlord 2.

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The lastes updata to game won't be free 






Last update will become free after some time, but "extended" and "full" versions will not.

good to know

There anyway to attack

This location is in development.

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I swear this glitch or whatever is it make my crazy I found all girl's and have sex with all of them but he still me to found them i play 0.26

Oops...  I'll fix it in the next update.

I'm in 0.24 version is it possible to get/free mayu without her killing you

(1 edit)

Mayu will be free only after you have sex with her five times, but even after that, you won't get her, she's just gone forever.

Any chance she'll come back?

There's no chance that she'll come back. At first I thought about her return to the castle, but I changed my mind. Starting with version 0.35 the game will advance to the end of the story.

Game keeps crashing for Android, what can I do to prevent or lessen it from happening?

What version of the game?  Describe exactly how the game crashes

(1 edit)

Ver. 0.26 (Android) It just unexpectedly crash when I play. 

I tried fixing some of the settings, the crash is being less active now but still crashes from time to time.

And how exactly do the crashes appear? I tested on Xiaomi Redmi 9, everything works fine and there were no crashes.

It always close unexpectedly even today, Opening the app works fine but as I play for around 2 minutes+ (chatting with the npcs, Exploring the map, ...) It starts closing on its own. I'm using RealmeC11 for this and other games just works fine.

I looked at the specifications of your device and I have a hunch that your phone has a weak CPU and not enough RAM. Does your device have 1-1.5 GB of available RAM?

When i start battle he give me error


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/battle_script/battlefield.rpy", line 234, in <module>

NameError: name 'bf_nail_atk' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "battle_script/calc_battle.rpyc", line 37, in script call

  File "battle_script/calc_battle.rpyc", line 37, in script call

  File "battle_script/battlefield.rpyc", line 234, in script

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 923, in execute

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2235, in py_exec_bytecode

  File "game/battle_script/battlefield.rpy", line 234, in <module>

NameError: name 'bf_nail_atk' is not defined


What version of the game did you download?


Yes there is such a bug. It was fixed in the next version. But in the meantime, click "Ignore".

ok thank you for help

I can't seem to find the crypt mushrooms lol.

Hello, I have noticed a few bugs. When I want to build a building comes "Construction underway" but it happens after days nothing. If I also, after I have given the construction (theoretically) in order again go to the map and there are attacked, no enemy is displayed to me but my castle, so where I can build.

Thank you. I will try to fix this bug in the next update. And for the building to be built, after the inscription "Construction underway" click on the dialog box and wait a bit.

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any way to do this? Cuz I can't see the hints on android


Earth(Green), Death(Purple), Rotate Death = Life(Green), 

Love the update. The Mac v.0.30 (full version KEY) still can't equip lava swords. Are they a key item? Is goblin warriors unlocked yet?

(2 edits)

I'm trying to make the game more playable.

What to equip a lava sword need to have 6 strength , to take in 2 hands lava swords need 10 strength.

In order to open the upgrade goblins warriors need to build a tavern, and periodically go into it, at some point there will come a drunken girl, who will be the former commander of the emperor, she will help you with retraining from goblins-builders to goblins warriors. :)

Thanks I figured out the goblins after my post. All cool and good. The last question is are there clues for the dark tower puzzle and does the tower work yet? Also both the tower and Nailah have no way to exit them other than reloading except if you beat/lose to Nailah.

All towers work, in the dark tower hint scratched on the wall. It seemed to me there is no need for the "return" button, but if necessary in the next update will add.

Cool thanks.

But would it be easier to just make an extended and/or full android versions?

I don't quite understand what you want...

There is no need to compile the project for different versions if you can activate the extended and full versions with the code.

And can you make a full version for the android port as well

(1 edit)

Of course, in the throne room, there's a red circle at the bottom, call out Baphomet, "Extra privileges!" -> "Activate code". Or do you mean the activated (full, extended) android build?

The later because I am sleeping in a car with my father living paycheck to paycheck but if it is built into the reg game them I can try but I would have to buy the code, which is how much?

(1 edit)

Ugh... Extended/Full is built into the game, you only need to buy a code and activate the resulting code in the game, Extended $ 14.99, Full $ 19.99 :)

P.S. In my patreon cheaper ;)

Roger that commander

Is there anyway you can make an extended version for the android just a thought

So, the language is set in something I can't read. How do I change it to English?


When starting the game, click on the British(UK) flag.


Well, I feel dumb. Thanks

This game is cool,thank you developers for taking your time and creating a masterpiece also I hope you won't abandon this game,please add even more story and seggs scenes 😏 love you all

I'm having a problem using the full version key. Every time I type it in for version .24 it just says wrong and I've tried to put it in multiple times. I tried the extended version key and that worked though. I'm wondering if it needs to be updated or if I'm doing something wrong.

Make sure the key is entered correctly, it is also important to observe lowercase and uppercase letters

Are v20 and above gonna be a free or its just stay paid? Just asking

(1 edit)

With release of a new version, older versions will become free.

For whatever reason, the Full Version KEY is no longer working with v. 0.20. I was able to get the Extended Version KEY to work though. =/ Any thoughts? (I tried a number of times so I did rule out fat-fingering.)

(1 edit)

The Full Version KEY should work, I checked. Check that the code was written correctly.

yeah, im having the same issue. im putting in the same password as the text file has but am only getting that it is wrong on v0.24

The key for the full version works, check, you enter it correctly. In the future, I will replace the keys to simpler.


could some one help me with the right combination to high tower or whatever that tower is called?

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Don't save your game during sex scene, that could lead to failure to load.

The game has no problems with saving, all builds are tested. The game before it crashes displays an error? If it displays an error, please attach a screenshot.

(2 edits)

Following your message i reinstalled the game, tried my most advanced save wich crashed like previously.

I didn't get any error message and had to close the game through the task manager because it was not responding.

Being a bit more thorough since you responded quickly and are trying to fix my issue i tried another saved game i had much earlier in the game. It worked just fine. I then tried another, wich work. I then tried another one and it failed in the same way as previously explained, no error message, just the program not responding.
Those wich failed are games i saved during sex interractions. I suspect the issue lies here.

I edited my previous message to not make bad press for you, since it seems to be only a minor issue after all.


i said it on newgrounds,i say it here

this game is like a bar of chocolate you get from a friend.

Its not the best,but still,you can enjoy it,if not atlest theres the thouth

i think its an ok game,but i would wait with buying it


not sure how to use the full version key to activate the game?


After the prologue, there is a red circle in the throne room, click on it, select "Extra privileges!"

it looks like a game with potential. how ever having a 18 price point for a very beta game with little content is a little much. unless there is alot more content that is shown here. 

This is an early version of the game.

Content will be added with future updates.


Hello.Please tell me what I get if I buy the full version for 18$?I plan to play on android

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello! You will get access to the dungeon with the cat girl Mayu, extra gold, and an introduction with Angel. But more unique content will be added in the future!