Cursed Overlord v.0.22 update

* Fixed some bugs that I could find at the moment!

* Improved combat system:

    - Magic Summoning: Djemma, Tuuli

* Added option to skip the prologue

* Added goblin warrior training feature

* Added feature to capture 2 villages and a fortress

* Added battle system for capturing villages and fortresses

* Added tribute collection system for captured territories

* Added new girls: Tuuli, Lucy, Mistress

* Tuuli Event

* Added Goblin Trainer Tuuli

* Added tavern

* Aredel and Djemma Event

* Djemma Event

* Added Ishet, Dokhra, and Hinata whipping scene

* Added brothel in the desert

* Added brothel destruction event

* Added QTE to fight Mistress

* Lucy Event

* Mistress Event

* Added four sex scenes (Tuuli, Djemma, Mistress, Lucy)

* Added the ability to ask Marice to settle in the tavern when the good relationship


Cursed Overlord v. 0.22 (Win + Linux)
Feb 03, 2022
Cursed Overlord v. 0.22 (Mac)
Feb 03, 2022
Cursed Overlord v. 0.22 (Android)
Feb 03, 2022

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