Cursed Overlord v.0.24 update

* Fixed some bugs I could find at the moment!

* Found and fixed a bug that makes it impossible to get into the brothel (If you can not access the brothel, once again, talk to Djemma in the tavern)

* Changed the settings menu of the game:

    - Changed interface and divided everything into 3 tabs (Basic, Performance, Sound)

    - Added performance settings to the game (do not change the renderer if you do not know what you need it for!)

    - In the tab "Basic" added the option to select the language, setting the transparency of the dialog box

* Chance of curse appearance increased from 10 to 20%

* Improved combat system:

    - Damage coefficient from crits. attack reduced by 25%

    - Summoning: Hikari

    - Increased damage and health of bosses by 25%

    - Increased Boss Reward by 50%

* Added Living Wish Tree

* Added Tower of Fire

* Added dialog transparency setting in Sex scenes

* Added Desert Blacksmith Event

* Added quest event for blacksmith's daughter named Sanera

* Added Event to rescue Sanera

* Added Fire Tower Event

* Added maid's room

* Added sleep scene with Ishet

* Added Hikari Event

* Added ability to settle Hikari in the tavern

* Added ability to rig curse

* Added Event with Baphomet after breaking curse

* Now you can punish Dokhra for not cleaning the throne room

* Added 1 Blowjob scene (Ishet)

* Added 2 Sex scenes (Hikari, Dokhra)

* Added 2 New Girls (Hikari, Sanera)

* Added Boss "Mutated Fire Salamander"


Cursed Overlord v. 0.24 (Win + Linux)
Mar 16, 2022
Cursed Overlord v. 0.24 (Mac)
Mar 16, 2022
Cursed Overlord v. 0.24 (Android)
Mar 16, 2022

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