Cursed Overlord v.0.30 update

* Fixed some bugs I could find at the moment!

* Added some music and sounds

* Improved combat system:

    - Improved enemy balance

    - 3 stages of difficulty of enemies, the complexity is tied to the level of the protagonist:

        - Easy to level 8, enemies are 50% weaker

        - Difficult up to level 9 to 13, standard

        - Difficult up to level 14+, enemies 50% stronger.

    - Reward for killed enemies depends on the difficulty level of the enemy:

        - Easy to level 8, 30% lower coefficient of reward

        - Normal difficulty levels 9 to 13, standard coefficient

        - Difficult up to level 14+, reward coefficient increased by 30%.

    - Magic damage from random enemies increased by 25%.

    - Changed base health and damage coefficient for wolf and pixie archer

    - Changed formula for calculating damage from crits. attack, now the base coefficient is 150%, and for each increase in strength +25% to the base coefficient

    - Increased base coefficient of enemy hit from 50% to 70% at Agility 1, but decreased bonus to accuracy from 10% to 5%.

    - Changed formula for enemy escape

    - Increased base escape chance to run away from an enemy unit at Agility 1 from 20% to 50%.

    - Decreased chance to get away from an enemy at maximal agility from 100% to 90%.

    - Improved armor calculation formula, now gives better protection from enemy attacks

    - Increased bonuses for killing bosses by 25%

    - Chance to cause a critical attack increased from 15% to 20%

    - Remove curse during combat

    - Added hit sound

* Curse burns less health from 4 HP to 3 HP per second

* Hunger loss coefficient reduced by half, now main character can go longer without food

* Katalina Event

* Capturing Katalina

* Event with Naoko

* Capturing Naoko

* Event with the Witch

* Trapped Protagonist Event

* Controlling Ishet

* Masturbation of Ishet

* Dokhra Wounding Event and Naoko Capture Event

* Increased the coefficient of relationship points with Dokhra

* Chance of curse decreased from 20 to 15%

* Increased max amount of gold falling out of random box, can fall out from 1000 to 15000 gold

* Added mini-game on random chest lock picking

* Now you need to buy picklocks to break into chests

* The price of some weapons and armor has been increased

* Cut "Condom" item because it is not needed

* Added QTE with Katalina

* Naoki Obedience:

    - Touch

    - Punch

    - Spank

    - Blowjob

    - Sex

* Added 2 new girls (Naoko, Katalina)

* Removed bug with death by curse during combat

* Removed curse effect during combat, but aura will still be present

* Removed bug with adrenaline syringes


Cursed Overlord v. 0.30 (Win + Linux)
May 25, 2022
Cursed Overlord v. 0.30 (Mac)
May 25, 2022
Cursed Overlord v. 0.30 (Android)
May 25, 2022

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