Cursed Overlord v.0.50 update

* Fixed some bugs that I could find at the moment!

* Fixed the translation of the characters on the "Russian language".

* Fixed Marice and Djemma quest display, to remove the quest from the quests just talk to them again.

* Added ability to begin the capture of the Emperor's territory

* Improved combat system:

    - Added enemy for Bandits battlefield

    - Added Enemy to Kunoichi Battlefield

    - Added Bandit boss

    - Added Oni Samurai boss

    - Added boss Girl with Naginata

* Slightly increased QTE time for Sanera Event

* Slightly increased QTE time for Nailah fight

* Added tent camp to emperor's territory

* Added girls to tent camp

* After the death of Ishet, the main character's helper is now Necrona

* Added Event of Gathering All the Girls in the Tavern

* Added tent camping event to Emperor's territory

* Added Necrona Event

* Added new clothes for Necrona

*** Once an Event has started, it's impossible to go back to the open world.

*** New variables added, may have to restart the game.

Translated with (free version)

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Aug 13, 2022
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Aug 13, 2022

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