Cursed Overlord v. 0.75 update

* Fixed some bugs I could find so far!

* Fixed a bug with Sanera's clothes after her event

* Increased QTE time when training with Nailah by 0.1 sec, also a little QTE time increase from dexterity

*Cut sex with Marice at first talk (Causes bugs later on)

*Cut choice menu at first sex with Hinata (Causes bugs later on)

* Increased Tuuli's chance of appearing in the tavern from 10% to 25%

* Increased chance of Katalina appearing on the global map from 10% to 15%

* Increased global map Witch appearance chance from 10% to 15%

* Fixed bug of teleporting to the camp to Emperor's territory after sleeping

* Fixed the bug with teleporting to the emperor's camp after buying gear from Xiaoming

* Fixed bug of teleporting to camp in emperor's territory after buying gear from Aredhel

* Fixed the bug with the immortality of bosses on the final map

* Added Event after Battling 8 Bosses

* Added Event with Djemma, Nailah, Marice

*** After the start of the event to capture the Emperor's territory, it is impossible to return back to the open world.

*** New variables added, you may have to start the game all over again.

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